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We Got You Covered!

The first question every host needs to ask is whether you need insurance for your event, what type of insurance and how much coverage do you need. While it is very tempting to assume that everything will be fine at your event, the truth is that very often an incidence as small as an innocent trip-and-fall can cost the host millions in some instances. It is also a huge mistake to think that your caterer or event planner must have insurance coverage that automatically extends to the host as well. Event insurance has become extremely complicated nowadays. Unless it is someone who is involved in every aspect of your event, most insurance brokers do not understand what is required for your particular situation and how to avoid over/under insure for any event. To further complicate the matter, most office buildings, co-ops or condos in Manhattan simply do not allow functions of any sort without proper insurance. Event insurance comes in countless varieties: host liquor liability, retail liquor liability, general liability, vendor liability, bartending liability, server liability, umbrella coverage, workers compensation, NYS disability to name a few. It is not unusual that very often several policies may be required in order to adequately insure for a particular event. Talk to one of our team members to find out if we can help with your event insurance needs. We can guide you through the whole process.

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